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Walk your own path to freedom + empowerment with a values-aligned business. Learn the foundations from the experts and get support from a like-minded community. We start 8.24!

When you do the work
you change your life

I know it’s true because I am doing the work right alongside you. Following my once-in-a-lifetime experience as the last Executive Producer of The Oprah Show, I began my own mind, body, spirit, business, life transformation. Now, I’m here to share what I’ve learned so that you can begin to reimagine the possibilities for your limitless future too.


The Support

Our members-only platform is a digital community of like-hearted women committed to living their most abundant lives. We’re here to help you get clear about what you want and support you in manifesting it.

The Prosper

For women who have launched their own businesses – this is the place to scale to the next level. Based on our values of reciprocity, generosity + expansion, build your empire by reaching out + connecting.


Ways To Work With Us

Empower Me, LLC

This is our premiere launch course for women who want to create their own businesses. Step by step we show you how to begin your dream. Begins 8.24

Meditate In 10 Days

This is the course for people who don’t think they can meditate. Sheri Salata has taught hundreds and hundreds of women how to build their life-changing vedic style meditation practice.

The Memberships

Two premium memberships for women. The Support System focuses on personal growth, expansion + community. The Prosper Network helps you take your business to the next level of impact + abundance.


Sheri Salata

I grew up in Waukegan, Illinois, a regular girl, never dreaming that one day I would run one of the most beloved brands on the planet and walk alongside the world’s greatest thought leaders.

Then, after 20 years in the land of Oprah, it was time to produce my own transformation story, launch my own company and manifest new dreams for my life.

Today I’m sharing what I am learning as I continue to transform + expand my business, my wellbeing and my life.

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