I was a Waikiki baby.

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I was a Waikiki baby with adoring grandparents who would wait eagerly back home in Waukegan, Illinois for a new batch of slides taken by my Navy Papa. 

This is my Grandma Annie. My middle name is Anne named for her. My birthday twin (October 20). Mostly sne is one of the foremost inspirations of my working girl life. I think of her as a brand new grandma itching to get her hands on the first one, me. She’d take her vacation from her career as a top legal secretary and come visit us in Hawaii. No doubt she adorned me in this little hulu garb along with oodles of other little girl costumes and frilleys.

So let me drop this gem.

If you have the chance to be a grandparent, I can personally assure you it can be one of the most powerful, influential roles you may play in this life. I’m just guessing here but i suspect not being “the one in charge” makes it so much easier to love freely, delightedly and without conditions of any kind. Such good medicine for whatever hurts. Such a good mirror to see your little self reflected in. Pure love without agenda.

After her funeral, as the bagpipers piped and her casket was placed in the hearse, Gram’s now grown grandchildren-me, my brother, John, and cousins, Christine and Cathy, formed an impromptu circle with our arms around each other and cried like babies as she was driven away.  A spontaneous tribute for our Gram who led each of us to believe we were her favorite.


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