Remember those days of gathering?

By November 30, 2020 December 4th, 2020 2 Comments

Here’s the thing.

Remember those days of gathering? I’m really liking that word these days. Gathering. I see now how I took that physical presence, that human touch, those circles of toasting and storytelling for granted and didn’t relish them like I could have. Like they deserved. It was beyond even my most powerful imaginings that one day we would have to distance to save our lives, wear masks, and greet + delight in + love each other through screens.

Here’s what I am taking away though. The gem I’ve mined from this crazy experience.

How many times did I set my phone on a table when a real live human being was in front of me? How many times did I sit next to someone on a couch while we mindlessly scrolled through other people’s lives? How we’d eat in a beautiful restaurant with phones on the table at the ready to interrupt our revelry.

I see how very easy it is to become a distracted liver of this life. 

Very very easy.

And nothing I want is down that path.

How about you?


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