The Course

In Sheri Salata’s profoundly lifechanging 16 week program, you can find your purpose, manifest abundance, improve your relationships and reimagine what’s possible for your life.

This work is deep, rich, emotional
and the way to create real change in your life.

When you change your story, you change your life. When you learn how to tell yourself a new story about your life, you can transform every single bit of your life. From the big picture vision to the day-to-day, this 16 week experience is the single most powerful way we know to build a sustainable foundation for ongoing transformation.


Be Honest

How much time + money have you spent on classes, workshops, apps, systems, summits, etc that didn’t work, didn’t deliver or you just didn’t finish?

Listen. It’s not you. It’s the story behind why you’re right here, right now.

Together we’ll uproot and re-tell the stories that have held you back for so many years. Career, health, family, grief, relationships, love – we’ll do it all. It’s the healing you never knew you needed + then some.

So let’s finish what you started + transform your life for good.

“I lived 20 years of my life behind-the-scenes
until I stepped into my own light. Now, I want to
show you how to do the same.”

– Sheri Salata Executive Producer, The Oprah Winfrey Show


What Do You Really Want?

Or maybe you just want a life you are excited to wake up to each day – how about that?

Create. Real. Change.

In order to build real change in your life you have to stop creating obstacles, making excuses + procrastinating. And the only way out is getting real about why you have stayed stuck.


Real Change Starts Here

The Obstacle . . .


The Truth . . .



Sheri’s 5 Steps to Transformation

Step 1. Excavate

Step 2. Build

Step 3. Manifest

Step 4. Integrate

Step 5. Reimagine

The Course is for you if . . .

“I’ve heard it all + seen it all + done it all.
This 5 step system I’ve created is the roadmap to the epic change that I am creating in my own life + you can create in yours.”

– Sheri Salata

In Just 16 Weeks, This Could Be You


How The Course Works

12 LIVE 90 minute workshops with Sheri Salata (~ 18 hours together!)

15 60 minute small group homework sessions

Video training with Sheri including easy-to-follow PDFs, tools, and systems
Access to downloadable audio and video transcripts
Custom Spotify Playlists – Sheri’s inspiration for storytelling + transformation



Access Anytime

Praise From Our Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

Each week you’ll gain access to a fresh module including videos, pdfs, and exercises, including a link to the LIVE Q + A Workshop with Sheri for that week.
The Course is a safe zone. The energy required is vulnerable and real. Sheri says, “ Meet me with the same level of vulnerability that I bring to you and we will have an unforgettable transformational experience.”
Important: We do not offer refunds for this course. We do this because we want serious, committed participants only. The materials are downloadable and we are confident in the value the course will bring for a lifetime.

We suggest you look at these 16-weeks as your chance to incubate your sacred dream. Make the course one of your priorities. This is a once in a lifetime chance to make that dream of yours real! Ultimately, you decide how much time you want to spend, and the good news is that if you are in a crunch you’ll be able to download all of the course materials including transcripts of the LIVE workshops. More good news! There will be audio only downloads for everything so you can take the course “on the go.”

The Course begins on Saturday, JULY 22nd at 8am PDT when Week 1 materials are released.

Each week, you’ll also receive the Zoom links for that week’s LIVE small group homework session + the LIVE workshop with Sheri.

We’ll begin with some basics to get you comfortable. Then we’ll dive deeper. You got this!

You learn at your own pace. What you take away in The Course, you can work on for a lifetime. Everything is downloadable with easy to follow transcripts and PDFs.

We’re in this together. The 12 LIVE interactive workshops with Sheri are the secret sauce to this experience. In these workshops you will ask questions, share stories, and participate in breakout sessions with what promises to be a truly special group. This is where you will find inspiration, support and the chance to build meaningful relationships that will be ongoing.

The Support System is an intimate group of women who are ready to write the next chapter of their lives. Led by Sheri Salata (former Executive Producer of The Oprah Show and best-selling author) you’ll finally have the mentorship and guidance you’ve hoped for that will help you step into the abundance and fulfillment of your dreams.

What You’ll Receive

Over $6,500.00 in value

$2997.00 or 12 payments of $300



Save over $500!



for 12 months


Sheri Salata

Hey friend. I’m thinking about you + wondering if you know how much BETTER your life can be in just a few short months.

Trust me, getting excited about the possibilities for your life when you’ve done a lot of living is truly the ultimate rut-busting move (and I know you have a rut or two that needs busting!).

It’s what I did for myself when I walked out from behind the scenes + into my own light at 56 years old.

I had created the career of my dreams for sure. But it wasn’t until I walked through the process you are about to travel that I created the LIFE of my dreams.

I know you can do it. I know you can.
Say yes to you.

Love + Sheri