The Support System

We are a global home of empowerment + community where women reimagine their lives + become the fullest expression of their beings.

Are you ready to create real change
every single day?

The Support System™ is a private membership community, completely off Facebook, that gives you the tools you need to walk the path of transformation. Together, we’ll help you stay on track and create a new vision for your life. If you’d like a new career, a new soulmate partnership, a new home, a new relationship with your body, more abundance, or a deeper spiritual practice – it’s possible, let’s do it together!

Sheri’s Intention

“I founded The Support System because I need a place to check in each day where the conversation is about possibilities, manifesting new dreams + upliftment. I want to surround myself with people who are ready to live their most upleveled life + want to support me in doing the same.”
— Sheri Salata

Former executive producer of the Oprah Show, bestselling author and founder of The Support System.


Transformation Starts Here

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Real Progress Is Happening

“I have gone from sitting on my couch at this time last year, to recreating myself and my business, to travelling to Sweden last week to work with a global brand and agency on a worldwide multi year marketing campaign….and this is just the start. I am over 50 years old and I am doing things I have never done before.”

— Marsha, founding member of The Support System


Imagine What You Could Do


Your Membership Includes

Monthly Workshops With Founder Sheri Salata

Monthly Workshops With Today’s Top Experts

Sessions With Spiritual Healers and Intuitive

Weekly Gatherings to Keep You On Track

The Book Club + Writer’s Circle

Scroll With Soul On The App

Praise From Our Members


Sheri Salata

I see you, I really do.

I know how it can feel to look back + know you haven’t created the life of your dreams.

Maybe you’ve put up a facade of contentment, because deep down you’re afraid to say, “I want more.”

So the real question is, can you find it within yourself to say yes to you?

You don’t have to do this alone. Be brave with me and let’s build lives we love inside The Support System.

Love + Sheri

Frequently Asked Questions

The Support System is designed to support you and your life. All LIVE events, workshops, classes and gatherings are recorded and you have access to the replays as long as you are a member.

Our members interact in the way that best works for their lives. Some visit multiple times a day, posting, commenting and sharing. Some members share their progress one or two times a week and attend all the workshops and gatherings. Some members are “events only” kind of people ~ they know the value of an expert masterclass and how quickly participating in a workshop can fuel their transformation.

You decide how The Support System can support you best.

Membership is offered on a month-to-month basis. Your price is locked in upon enrollment, which means when we raise membership dues yours will not increase!
No! This is an intimate, private platform, entirely off of social media.
The Support System is for you if…
  • You’re ready to take action to build a life you love
  • You want a loving community of lifelong friends who will have your back.
  • You’re done being satisfied with a life that’s just okay.
  • You want to soak up the wisdom of thought leaders who have been where you are and can give you ideas for how to move forward..